Board Your Pet With A Caring Host Family
Our Host Families Are People Like You
Your Pet And Your Host – A Perfect Match
Get To Know Your Host Before Boarding
Your Pet Will Become Part Of The Family

Buddy's Sleepovers and Playdates is a personalized in-home pet boarding service. We individually match your pets with their perfect host, a pet lover who will provide them love and affection when you are away.


Sleepovers and Playdates

Is it okay to meet with the Host Family prior to boarding?

Yes! We always recommend that our clients and pets meet their scheduled Host for a "Meet and Greet" prior to their stay.

Can my pet bring their favorite toys and bed?

Yes, of course. You are encouraged to send their special toys, treats and bed. Always make sure to send their food, because sudden changes in their diet may cause stomach upset.

Where would my dog sleep?

You let us know where you pet is most comfortable sleeping. You and your Host can determine the best spot in the house. Of course, we are happy to enforce any "house rules" that you have for your pets.

Does my pet go for walks?

We always make sure we follow the walk schedule you provide.

Are you going to follow my feeding schedule?

Yes, we always make sure to follow your instructions for all your pet's needs, including feeding habits.

My dog is a "special needs pet". Will you consider taking him in?

Pets with special needs are always welcome. It is very important to fill out our pet questionnaire form and always make sure to be very clear about your pet's particular needs.

Does my pet need to be up-to-date with immunizations?

Yes, please provide documentation of your pet's most recent vaccinations and immunizations.

Are you able to administer medication?

Yes. All medication must be labeled with the instructions from your vet.

Are you able to administer injections?

Yes, many of our hosts are experienced administering injections.

What do you do in case of an emergency?

If medical attention is needed we will take your pet either to his vet or an emergency veterinary office (if your vet is not available).

Will I be able to drop off/ pick up my pet late in the evening?

Yes, as long as arrangements are made prior to drop off/pick up.

Can I call in to find out how my pet is doing?

Yes, you may call as many times as you wish. We encourage pet owners to call as often as they feel necessary.

Do I need to bathe my dog before boarding?

We would rather dogs come in nice and clean, and as always, flea and tick free.

Will my dog be crated?

If your dog is used to a crate for sleeping, or at certain times of the day, let us know. You can provide the crate and we will follow your home routine as closely as possible. However, if you do not use a crate, we certainly will not either. We will, as always, follow your rules regarding your pet's care!