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Buddy's Sleepovers and Playdates is a personalized in-home pet boarding service. We individually match your pets with their perfect host, a pet lover who will provide them love and affection when you are away.

Our Hosts

We have a large network of hosts families throughout our tri-state area.

Please find below, just a small sampling of some of our hosts families in our ever growing network.

New Jersey


Barbara, is a retired senior citizen. She has owned many pets in her life, but currently does not have any pets of her own. She provides a peaceful and warm environment where she enjoys giving her undivided attention to a pet visitor.


Susan is married with two pet loving teenagers. Susan has a great deal of experience caring for others pets. Her large, fenced-in backyard is a real treat for her visiting dogs.


Paul and his wife are retired and live in a lovely adult community. They have had pets all their lives. Because they do not have their own pet at this time, they treasure the opportunity to care for our clients' lovable pets. They offer a comforting, warm and quiet environment for any precious dog.

Mary :

Mary lives with her husband in a very nurturing and pet friendly home with a large backyard. Mary has no pets at this time but has had many dogs and birds in her life. She always looks forward to a new friend to stay with her.

And many more!

New York

Valerie :

Valerie lives with her elderly mom in a lovely home with a great fenced-in backyard. Their very friendly yellow Lab always enjoys having a new friend to play with. Valerie and her lab enjoy taking their visiting pet friends for long walks through the nearby woods, exploring.

Nicole :

Nicole lives with her husband and a very sweet Bijon, who has a great time with his dog guests. Nicole particularly loves taking long walks with her new friends and spending time cuddling on the couch.


Dorothy is a true pet advocate. She volunteers her free time in animal shelters and has a particular skill with animals who have special needs. She has a very friendly Yorkie who likes hanging out with other dogs.

Carol :

Carol is a serious pet lover of cats, dogs and birds alike. She has a great pet friendly home and fenced-in back yard. Currently she has no inside pets (she does take care of outside cats) and loves caring for both large and small dogs equally.

And many more!

New York City

Jane :

Jane is a true pet lover who lives on the lower East Side of Manhattan. She has always had pets but currently has none.

Beth :

Beth lives with her husband in a beatiful Mid-town Manhattan apartment. Her husband works from home and Beth works part-time. They currently do not have a pet of their own but are incredible pet lovers and are always happy to have a pet to take care of.

Marcia :

Marcia is a retired teacher who lives on the upper West Side of Manhattan. She is home full time loves to travel occasionally. Marcia has had dogs and cats most of her life. When not traveling, Marcia is always looking forward to her next sleepover guest.

Robert :

Robert is an artist who works from home. He lives in Manhattan and has had dogs all his life. He currently does not have any pets and likes to take walks.

And many more!