Board Your Pet With A Caring Host Family
Our Host Families Are People Like You
Your Pet And Your Host – A Perfect Match
Get To Know Your Host Before Boarding
Your Pet Will Become Part Of The Family

Buddy's Sleepovers and Playdates is a personalized in-home pet boarding service. We individually match your pets with their perfect host, a pet lover who will provide them love and affection when you are away.


(Overnight In-Home Pet Boarding)

Sleepovers are based on a 24 hour stay at one of our host family's homes.

Dog Boarding Sleepovers includes:

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  • A qualified warm and secure home and a caring person to keep your pet company.
  • outside walks and playtime tailored to your request
  • Pet drop-off can be scheduled for anytime based on your host's availabilty.
  • Picking up your pet can be scheduled for anytime based on you and your host's availabilty.
  • Feeding of meals and snacks according to your pet's regular schedule. (Pet owner provides pet food and toys/snacks/ etc.)
  • Special rates available for extended Sleepovers and package deals!

This is our Buddy with his own Sleepover guests!
(Buddy makes a great host)